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My 10k Running Apparel Must Haves

April 2, 2018
running apparel

Here we go I’ve started training for a 10k. As I mentioned in a previous post a big part of me being productive on my goals is to get active physically. Also, something fellow actor Dwain Murphy said to me the other day really stuck with me. He said “stay ready, so you never have to get ready!” I love that so much and as a creative it’s applicable to so many areas of my craft. Right now I’m using it as my motivation to kick start my fitness goals. I must admit I’m a seasonal runner, I only really run from April – September. But when I am running… I love it. I’m using Nike’s 8 week 10k training plan and I’m dedicated to sticking to the plan. One way I stay motivated is through my outfits.

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Now You Can Shop My Looks With LikeToKnow.It!

March 24, 2018

If you follow me on social media you may have been noticing some new hashtags at the end of all my posts. That’s because I’ve started using! It’s basically a shopping discovery app that allows you to instantly shop your favorite influencer pics across social media and the mobile web. So now if you like something I’m wearing you can just get it with a click of a button.  Continue Reading…

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A Golden Night At Pandora Shine Event

March 21, 2018
Pandora Shine

Pandora launched it’s new collection “Pandora Shine” at one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. They hosted a cocktail followed by a sit down dinner for a room full of bloggers, influencers and Pandora team members. Even though I was still a bit sick I had to make an appearance. Continue Reading…

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Chiffon Spring Dress

March 20, 2018
Chiffon Spring Dress

If you subscribe to my newsletter I warned that you were going to start to see more fashion posts from me. Once Spring arrives I ditch the sweats and start getting out of the house more. I’m an island girl living in a big city so I’m really not a big fan of winter fashion. It’s just hard to get inspired when it’s cold out! Soooo I tend to go a bit crazy for Spring and Summer. Wanted to share a new dress I’m excited about.  Continue Reading…

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How I Prepare For Moderating A Panel

March 20, 2018
Moderating a panel

I moderated a panel discussion for the second Saturday in a row. This time is was for the Ryerson Women In Leadership Conference. I’m a proud Ryerson University alumna and I also served as a board member for the Ryerson Alumni Association. I’m always happy to support Ryerson. I’m also excited to be doing more of these types of events. Thought I’d share with you how I handle moderating a panelContinue Reading…

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Spring Inspo From Joe Fresh

March 20, 2018
Joe Fresh

Spring is here…kinda. If you live in Canada we won’t feel that warm up for a little while longer. But you gotta celebrate the little things right? So I’m at least encouraged by the increased daylight.  I’m also starting to incorporate more spring looks into my wardrobe. Stopped by Joe Fresh recently and picked up a few things.

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I Am Woman Styled Shoot

March 8, 2018
I am woman

Happy International Women’s Day! I wanted to share some awesome pictures from the “I Am Woman styled photo shoot” that I was invited to participate in. I was joined by four other influential Canadian women. They are: Alyssa Bertram, CEO & Founder of Easy Period, Nicole Athanasopoulos, the Owner of Nu Link Media, Janet Jackson, Celebrity Hairstylist & Owner of JouJou Hair Studio, and Dominique Fashion Blogger and Youtuber.  Continue Reading…


My IMDB Page

February 26, 2018
Imdb page

IMDB is one of my favorite apps! I watch an excessive amount of TV shows (just binged Seven Seconds on Netflix…majorrrrrr.) I’m always like “where is this guy from again?!” Then I frantically check them up on IMDB. I also have an obsession with identifying British actors playing Americans. IMDB helps me out there as well. And guess what y’all I have an IMDB page too!! I recently actually ‘claimed’ it so I have a picture now etc. Continue Reading…