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April 16, 2018
creatives need more sleep

Like many of you in the Greater Toronto Area, I spent much of my weekend lounging around and sleeping during this awful Ice Storm. I was grateful (and fortunate) for the opportunity to get some rest. I feel like I’ve been having more and more conversations with people about sleep and the lack of sleep that we’re having. And most of those people are creatives like me! Continue Reading…

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My 10k Running Apparel Must Haves

April 2, 2018
running apparel

Here we go I’ve started training for a 10k. As I mentioned in a previous post a big part of me being productive on my goals is to get active physically. Also, something fellow actor Dwain Murphy said to me the other day really stuck with me. He said “stay ready, so you never have to get ready!” I love that so much and as a creative it’s applicable to so many areas of my craft. Right now I’m using it as my motivation to kick start my fitness goals. I must admit I’m a seasonal runner, I only really run from April – September. But when I am running… I love it. I’m using Nike’s 8 week 10k training plan and I’m dedicated to sticking to the plan. One way I stay motivated is through my outfits.

Continue Reading…

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My Trip To Barbados 2017

November 20, 2017
Trip to Barbados

Before last week, when I thought about Barbados. I thought…in-transit. As you know I grew up in St.Vincent and before we got an international airport, travellers had to go through Barbados to get there. As a result I know Grantley Adams Airport very well!

The last time I spent any decent amount of time in Barbados was when I was a delegate at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s youth congress in 2000 with my friend Lucine. But even then… it wasn’t a vacation.  Thanks to the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc I was finally able to change that.  Continue Reading…

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AcroYoga, Slacklining & More At The Think Outside Summit

September 24, 2017

When I left my news job there are many things that I realized I was missing out on. One of those things was spending quality time outside. Sure I reported outside but it wasn’t quite the same as actually being present and fully aware of my surroundings. Home, work, home, work…that was my life. Now that I work for myself I’ve committed to doing all the things I didn’t make time for or was too tired to do. Continue Reading…

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My September Goals

September 10, 2017
FullSizeRender (97)

I’ve been thinking about this summer. I must say there were moments of frustration, indecision and doubt. It’s been slow in terms of acting gigs, brand collabs etc. But this is to be expected during the summer months. However for all the bad  Continue Reading…