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What’s In My On Set Bag

April 20, 2018
On set bag

I just finished packing my on set bag for a 1 day shoot for a new movie. It’s a pretty big one…my lips are sealed. I always bring more things than I need to, but I just always like to be prepared (former girl guide here.) Here are some of the items that I always take to set.  Continue Reading…

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A Golden Night At Pandora Shine Event

March 21, 2018
Pandora Shine

Pandora launched it’s new collection “Pandora Shine” at one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. They hosted a cocktail followed by a sit down dinner for a room full of bloggers, influencers and Pandora team members. Even though I was still a bit sick I had to make an appearance. Continue Reading…

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My Trip To Barbados 2017

November 20, 2017
Trip to Barbados

Before last week, when I thought about Barbados. I thought…in-transit. As you know I grew up in St.Vincent and before we got an international airport, travellers had to go through Barbados to get there. As a result I know Grantley Adams Airport very well!

The last time I spent any decent amount of time in Barbados was when I was a delegate at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s youth congress in 2000 with my friend Lucine. But even then… it wasn’t a vacation.  Thanks to the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc I was finally able to change that.  Continue Reading…

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Dinner With Chef Gordon Ramsay Toronto

September 27, 2017
Gordon Ramsay Toronto

Had a “pinch me” moment last night, another cool opportunity that I got to take advantage of, since saying yes to living the life I want. I had dinner last night at Cobalt Social; a pop-up restaurant inside a normally unsuspecting (I’m being kind) supermarket at Kensington Market. And guess who helped launch the spot? Chef Gordon Ramsay!  Continue Reading…

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Caribbean Themed BBQ

June 27, 2017
Caribbean BBQ

Before everyone gets busy for the long weekend, I thought I’d have a few friends over for a BBQ. I don’t live in a house, but our building has a barbecue pit. I tried my hand at a Caribbean themed BBQ. Here’s how it turned out.  Continue Reading…

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Memories Of Easter In St.Vincent & The Grenadines

April 14, 2017
Easter Traditions

Easter is special for me. I was raised in the Anglican church. My grandfather , among other things, played the organ at the Anglican church we went to in Belair, St.Vincent (St. John’s.) I loved when he played the hymn “there is a green hill far away.”  Even though now I don’t go to church as much as I would like to, I still hold the Easter traditions I grew up with close to my heart.  Continue Reading…

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February 14, 2017

I can be really hard to deal with sometimes. I can be super bossy, rude and impatient.

I sometimes give poor instructions and then get upset when people don’t understand what I’m talking about. And when I say people…I’m mostly talking about my dear husband Victor. Continue Reading…