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My 10k Running Apparel Must Haves

April 2, 2018
running apparel

Here we go I’ve started training for a 10k. As I mentioned in a previous post a big part of me being productive on my goals is to get active physically. Also, something fellow actor Dwain Murphy said to me the other day really stuck with me. He said “stay ready, so you never have to get ready!” I love that so much and as a creative it’s applicable to so many areas of my craft. Right now I’m using it as my motivation to kick start my fitness goals. I must admit I’m a seasonal runner, I only really run from April – September. But when I am running… I love it. I’m using Nike’s 8 week 10k training plan and I’m dedicated to sticking to the plan. One way I stay motivated is through my outfits.

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Nike NBA Jersey Launch

October 18, 2017
Nike NBA Jersey

Basketball season is back y’all. My team is the Raptors and they taken on the Bulls in their season opener on Thursday. I’m excited to see the Raptors in action and hoping they transition nicely to the changes they’ve made in their lineup and in their ball movement. You’ll also notice a slightly new jersey. Last night I checked out the Nike NBA Jersey Launch event at house of hoops, here’s a look.  Continue Reading…



December 27, 2016

So I’ve been celebrating all the personal gains I’ve made on my journey of self discovery…what I haven’t mentioned are the gains I’ve accrued on my waistline! Continue Reading…