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What’s In My On Set Bag

April 20, 2018
On set bag

I just finished packing my on set bag for a 1 day shoot for a new movie. It’s a pretty big one…my lips are sealed. I always bring more things than I need to, but I just always like to be prepared (former girl guide here.) Here are some of the items that I always take to set.  Continue Reading…

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April 16, 2018
creatives need more sleep

Like many of you in the Greater Toronto Area, I spent much of my weekend lounging around and sleeping during this awful Ice Storm. I was grateful (and fortunate) for the opportunity to get some rest. I feel like I’ve been having more and more conversations with people about sleep and the lack of sleep that we’re having. And most of those people are creatives like me! Continue Reading…


Little White Dress For Spring

April 12, 2018
Little white dress

I’m busting out the white clothing! I love white…well ivory to be specific. It’s not the greatest colour for my on air work though especially on darker skin. The contrast makes the camera do weird things. But off air I’m all about it, bout it! Found this fresh ivory midi dress from Windsor Store recently and I’m overly obsessed with it.  Continue Reading…


Spring Curls W/ Shea Moisture

April 10, 2018
Shea Moisture

You may have heard Shea Moisture is now in Canada. It’s now available at Walmart Canada nationwide. The iconic brand brought five of its most popular haircare lines to its devoted Canadian fans. I’m one of those fans but I have only ever used a few of their products. I recently tried the Coconut & Hibiscus – Moisturize & Define line of products. Continue Reading…


Day & Night Spring Looks

April 13, 2018
Spring looks

Even though it’s not feeling quite like Spring just yet…ok who am I fooling. It’s not feeling like Spring at all! Lol. Despite this I’m sprinkling in some Spring looks here and there. Only one of these outfits below I’ve actually worn outside. See if you can guess which one. Thought I’d put together some day & night Spring looks so we’ll be read when Spring finally shows up. Tell me what you think! Continue Reading…

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April 4, 2018

My online talk show ‘NNEKA’ launched one year ago today. It was such a weird day filled with all the feels. I was so anxious but I also remember shedding tears of gratitude. When I think about the show I feel very proud about what my team and I created…from nothing! It literally came together in 2 months! I finally decided to just do it in February of 2017 then I put my head down and went forward seeking the people and resources needed to make my dream a reality. Continue Reading…

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Should I Start Vlogging Again?

April 2, 2018
Start vlogging

The 1 year anniversary of my talk show “NNEKA” is approaching and I’ve been thinking a lot about what the next chapter of that show will be. More on that in the coming weeks. I really haven’t done much video since the last episode of the most recent season aired in February. So in that vein I’ve been thinking about at least doing more vlogging. ( In case you didn’t know vlogging is blogging via video. ) I really enjoy vlogging. Here’s why! Continue Reading…