Hi! Hi!  I’m a long time media girl, with an island soul, chasing my dreams as a host, actor and content creator.

I’m pretty lucky to have had a successful career in broadcasting. I’m proud to say I’m an award winning media personality who has worked in the Canadian industry for more than a decade at stations including CTV, CP24 news, and The Weather Network. More recently I’ve hosted an online talk show for the Caribbean diaspora. Some of you may also know me from my TV/Film roles in Heroes Reborn, Designated Survivor, Remember & Single Ladies to name a few.

On NnekaElliott.com  I share my life as a woman on screen (TV/Film/Digital) and the things that help me shine on camera. All the clothes, beauty/hair products and lifestyle tips that work for me. I’m finally living life on my terms and you’ll have a front seat to my new gutsy lifestyle!!

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