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April 4, 2018

My online talk show ‘NNEKA’ launched one year ago today. It was such a weird day filled with all the feels. I was so anxious but I also remember shedding tears of gratitude. When I think about the show I feel very proud about what my team and I created…from nothing! It literally came together in 2 months! I finally decided to just do it in February of 2017 then I put my head down and went forward seeking the people and resources needed to make my dream a reality.

However I also feel very frustrated when I think about it, because it’s quite the undertaking producing a show independently. Not just financially, but creatively and mentally. I have a lot of help, but it can still be such an isolating experience trying to articulate my vision to others. Brands and sponsors aren’t exactly eager to support a digital show focusing on the Caribbean diaspora.

Despite this it really has been gratifying seeing all the people who share my heritage and culture rally around the show. Thank you so much!! No new episodes are planned for right now. Just know that I’m listening, learning, tweaking and pivoting. Please follow me on social media and check my blog for updates.

I’m particularly grateful to Victoria Long of Hera Creative and her team, publicist Cleo Ellis, set designer Azetta Young, my interns Patryce, Dannika, Cindy and all my friends and family who helped out on set and otherwise. I’ll also never forget all the guests who said YES.

Thanks for reading!!

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