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My 10k Running Apparel Must Haves

April 2, 2018
running apparel

Here we go I’ve started training for a 10k. As I mentioned in a previous post a big part of me being productive on my goals is to get active physically. Also, something fellow actor Dwain Murphy said to me the other day really stuck with me. He said “stay ready, so you never have to get ready!” I love that so much and as a creative it’s applicable to so many areas of my craft. Right now I’m using it as my motivation to kick start my fitness goals. I must admit I’m a seasonal runner, I only really run from April – September. But when I am running… I love it. I’m using Nike’s 8 week 10k training plan and I’m dedicated to sticking to the plan. One way I stay motivated is through my outfits.

It might sound fickle but it’s so true for me. If you feel the same way let me know in the comments below. Hell yes I wanna look cute!  I’ll be piking up some new gear soon, but here’s what I keep in mind when choosing my 10k running apparel. (Curious to know whether you have any other tips for me. Please share if you do.)



Running is such a mind game for me. If my mind isn’t right before I start training for the day, I find that I stop for more breaks and generally any aches are magnified. So I try to limit distractions that can mess up my mind. If I’m over heated, or I can fell sweat pooling or dripping. That tends to break my concentration. That’s why I’m all about that wicking breathable fabric.

No thigh rubbing shorts:

I’m cool to wear shorts when I run, but I can’t do short tights. I’ve got thick thighs and I hate that feeling of my thighs rubbing when I’m running. I love my thighs, but I’m not trying to start a fire! Plus I’m constantly having to pull the tights down so that I don’t expose myself lol! That throws off my concentration majorly.

High waist: 

I definitely don’t have a flat tummy (I’m working on it though) so if I’m wearing leggings (Long or 3/4) I love a high waist. I just feel nice and snug and contained. You know what I mean?

No Grey:

I remember reading a book as a kid (could’ve been a Sweet Valley High) where somebody’s mother told them. “Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow.” If that’s true then I must be a horse, because I definitely sweat. So as a result of that I don’t wear grey. While I might love heather grey or salt and pepper colours, the ‘wet spots in all the wrong places’ look is not cute.

Clothes with pockets:

I’m willing to try one of those mini fanny packs but so far I haven’t found one I like (I open to your suggestions.) So in the meantime I will stick to pieces that have built in zipped pockets for my keys and phone.

I could go on and on but those are the major things I consider when I go shopping for running apparel. I’ll of course post on what I do find, but for now I’ve included my WISH LIST below. Scroll across and let me know your faves in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!



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