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I Am Woman Styled Shoot

March 8, 2018
I am woman

Happy International Women’s Day! I wanted to share some awesome pictures from the “I Am Woman styled photo shoot” that I was invited to participate in. I was joined by four other influential Canadian women. They are: Alyssa Bertram, CEO & Founder of Easy Period, Nicole Athanasopoulos, the Owner of Nu Link Media, Janet Jackson, Celebrity Hairstylist & Owner of JouJou Hair Studio, and Dominique Fashion Blogger and Youtuber. 

“Who run the world…girls” boomed from someone’s iPhone, as makeup artist Cassandra got down to work. Patting, blotting, smoothing, layering. She too a creative entrepreneur who just a short time ago opened her own salon in Pickering. I moved on to Jordan’s chair a mom of two, a hair and makeup artist by trade who like me had left her full time job to pursue her passions. I was surrounded by so many incredible stories of courage and resilience. The event’s organizer, Alicia Jenelle, the Founder and Creative Director at Alicia Jenelle Events said the purpose of the shoot was to encourage women to work together.

That was definitely evident as this shoot saw five creative women entrepreneurs, a world-class cinematographer, a floral designer, photographer, hair and makeup professionals, balloon artist and so many more women, joining forces to make this inspiring event happen.

Even though I didn’t get to spend much time with the other entrepreneurs I could feel their energy, their struggles, their triumphs and tenacity vibrating through the room. As you scroll through these pictures I hope you can feel it too!

Happy International Women’s Day! Press for progress…always!




Alicia Campbell Photography




Alyssa Betram


Nicole Athanasopoulos


Janet Jackson

Production Team:

 Balloon Artist:  @weballoonz  

Creative Director & Producer: @aliciajenelleevents

Creative Director & Photographer: @aliciacampbellphoto  

Cinematography: @corinnemcdonaldfilms 

Catering: @mpiredesigns

Dresses: @_narces 

Fashion Stylist for Janet Jackson: @msstylelyte

Floral Designer: @lifeinflowerstoronto

Hair, Senior Artist Jordan:

Hair for Janet Jackson, Jordan Rodney of JouJou Hair Studio:  @tressesbyjordan 

Linen: @linencloset

Makeup: @cassandracampbellbeauty

Makeup for Janet Jackson: @daneillemattismua 

Suit by Andrea Lyte:  @bespokeclothin 

Stationery Designer: @castlefielddesign 


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