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Nneka Show S3 Behind The Scenes

November 28, 2017
Nneka show

We’re back in the saddle again. I taped new episodes of my online show this weekend! Thought I’d show you a few pics and video from the shoot.

As always I had the best team to help me on this. My husband Victor was my production manager, Azetta Young was my set designer, Patryce Bowling was my production assistant and Victoria Long from Hera Creative and her team(Thaddeus & Kelly) captured it all.

I’m continuing to push forward with acquiring brand partnerships for the show. Did a few really cool collaboration segments with Clore Beauty Supply! Always looking to work with brands that support women of colour.

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nneka show

Filming With Aisha Loobie Stylist From Clore Beauty Supply

nneka show

Filming With Elizabeth Taylor of FacesbyPureness


Victoria And Kelly Setting Up


With Production Assistant Patryce Bowling


Filming With Event Manager/Caribbean Renaissance Woman Kerra Denel





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