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Why I Was A Big B*#?! On My Birthday Weekend

November 7, 2017
Birthday weekend

I celebrated a birthday this weekend. I turned 34. As you may know, my husband’s birthday is 2 days before mine. So we always have a joint celebration. It’s important to us to recognize our birthdays and celebrate life. But ain’t nobody gat time to plan de damn party! 

I really just wish I could afford a party planner to deal with this kind of stuff. Family dinners, parties etc. (I’m working towards that don’t you worry.) We love nothing more than a good ole house party (which we did last year,) but we wanted to invite a few more people and our place is too small for that. So we decided to have a little something at The Rec Room downtown Toronto. Which is basically an upscale Chucky Cheese for adults. We didn’t want to do just a dinner. At this place we could eat and then play games and hang out. I tried to get table reservations, but after days of playing phone tag, learned they were booked solid. Since we had no time to think about an appropriate alternative we decided to just go there early and wing it.

Now, I’m a type A Scorpio woman, I have a hard time…just going with the flow. The day of the party came and I became increasingly agitated by the fact that I couldn’t control the situation. Which was really about the fact that I was upset with myself for not carving out the necessary time in my schedule to sort out a proper party. To make matters worse, I had a massive unicorn pimple and I eventually realized I had nothing to wear and had to do a late in the game dash to the mall. Then while washing my face I proceeded to drop my African black soap on the front of what I did end up buying. Stewwwpppss, it was a hot mess.  By this point I was in stage 5 diva mode. Hubby ended up going ahead of me to greet our friends because I was now running late. Then I came later with our friends Cory and Ish (sorry again I was so rude on the ride down guys)

We still couldn’t get a table, the place was rammed because of the GSP-Bisping fight.  But like he always does, hubby saved the day (with the help of our friends Sina and Daniel.) They managed to find a private lounge area in the back that was still available for booking. It turned out to be pretty much like a house party which is what we wanted in the first place. We had dinner, lots and lots of drinks and then we watched the fight with some of our favourite people.

Tony Robbins always says “to trade your expectations for appreciation.” Although this was a fickle-first world problem, it was a good example of how I often forget to do this. There I was surrounded by my closest friends and family and I was fretting about some stupid table and all the things that were going “wrong.” Once I shifted my mindset to one of gratitude and appreciation…my whole mood changed.

We really had a great night and the next day on my actual birthday…I made zero plans and did absolutely nothing!

Here are a few pictures from The Rec Room.


L-R: Samantha, Me, Saran, Indira and Cory


L-R: Joella, Myself and Victor


With my brother Jabari and g/f Jess


L-R: Richie, Ish, Victor and Me


L-R: Sina, Me, Saran, Samantha and Daniel


L-R: Melisa, Jehan, Me and Joella


L-R: Jabari, Saran, Me, Jesse, Shawn and Julian


Birthday weekend

Watching Riverdale, Mind Hunter etc


Happy birthday to all my other Scorpio peeps reading this. It’s our time!! If you’re a Scorpio too (or just November born) let me know in the comments section below.



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  • Reply Morris pontifect November 7, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Am scorpio too but Oct/26/81. It sounds like you have a lot of fun

  • Reply Morris pontifect November 7, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Big up JA

  • Reply Azetta Young November 12, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    my son, Elliot is a November baby. This year he turns four. One thing about November peeps, you all have the best sense of humour and super super natural talent for reaching out to others.

    xoxo Niki
    pps. Happy 34!!

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