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My Brother “Elicser” Is Doing A Ted Talk!

October 10, 2017

If you watch my youtube videos you would’ve seen my big brother Jabari aka Elicser. He’s one of Toronto’s foremost artists and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother. You can see my brother’s work around the world in cities like Cape Town, Buenos Aires, San Francisco and of course Toronto.

On this journey to find myself and to rediscover the things that truly make my heart sing, my brother has been a shining point of reference for me. He’s always done exactly what he wants to do in life regardless of how others feel about it. He’s one of the few people I know personally who discovered his passion early and continues to live that passion daily. Through his art he also encourages me to see the world differently.

If you believe in seeing the world differently, if you’re a fan of self expression and living your truth. You should consider check out my brother Jabari at TedxToronto.

He’s in very good company and will be speaking alongside other people I hold in high esteem including Cheri DiNovo, Jennifer Keesmat, Peter Sloly and Penny Oleksiak. 

Get your tickets HERE and prepare to be inspired!




The infamous Queen St W 'Hug Me' tree with graffiti art by Elicser.

The infamous Queen St W ‘Hug Me’ tree with graffiti art by Elicser.


Eliscer Art In Graffiti Alley Toronto


Elicser Art In South Africa


Elicser Art In South Africa


Bellmedia Parking Lot Wall


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