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Dinner With Chef Gordon Ramsay Toronto

September 27, 2017
Gordon Ramsay Toronto

Had a “pinch me” moment last night, another cool opportunity that I got to take advantage of, since saying yes to living the life I want. I had dinner last night at Cobalt Social; a pop-up restaurant inside a normally unsuspecting (I’m being kind) supermarket at Kensington Market. And guess who helped launch the spot? Chef Gordon Ramsay! 

It was all to mark the announcement of the new American Express Cobalt Card. A credit card that offers bonus rewards on everything I like to spend money on. Dining out, drinks, drinks and more drinks…even my uber rides. 5x on eligible food and drinks, 2x on eligible travel and transit, 1x for every $1 everywhere else. Rewards for just living my life.

An eclectic mix of taste-makers piled into a grocery store in Kensington, only to be ushered into a chic blue-hued dining room and greeted by multi-michelin star Chef Ramsay and well known Canadian Chef Antonio Park. What?! I know right?!

We chatted over a 5 course dinner exquisitely prepared by Chefs Antonio Park (Park Restaurant) and Chef Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour & Vice Canada) Plus a signature dish by Chef Ramsay, complete with frequent table visits by the chefs themselves. Mind blown! I even got to chat with Gordon Ramsay about his favourite Caribbean dish (spoiler alert:it’s Jerk Chicken)

I had fun putting together this post reliving the night and drooling over the food all over again. My vocabulary is not advanced enough to describe just how incredible the food was. So thanks American Express, for a surreal experience. You’ve got a real winner with the cobalt card!

Reservations to The Cobalt Social were available and communicated through the American Express Twitter and Facebook page, and Blog TO. I don’t think there are any more spots available.

However, limited quantities of Ramsay’s dish will be available for two days exclusively through UberEats from September 27th to 28th. The UberEATS offer will be complimentary on behalf of American Express. So you better act quickly!


Typical Tuesday!

Gordon Ramsay pop-up


Gordon Ramsay Toronto

Photo Cred: Elaine Fancy


Reconnecting With Winston Sih!


Chive Pumpkin Ravioli, Kamo Dashi Consome, Chive Oil (Veggie Option)


Miso Glazed Mushrooms, Morimo Carrots (veggie option)



Park Bowl With Braised Tofu, 6 Ontario Local Vegetables, Briwn Wild Mountain Rice with Basil Sauce


Binchotan Park Spice Grilled BC Albacore, Shima Aji New Zealand Ora King Salmon, Tosazu Sashimi


Vegan Dessert (didn’t get the full description) Chocolate Mousse-like base with Mint-green tea sorbet.


Chef Gordon Ramsay

Cobalt Social 4

Chef Antonio Park and Chef Gordon Ramsay In The Zone! Photo Cred: George Pimentel


Amazing Company to Compliment Fantastic Food


With Catriona Smart At Cobalt Social


Flipping Out!



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  • Reply Janene September 27, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    How totally exciting!!! How was the food??

    • Reply Nneka Elliott September 29, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      Ah-mah-zing! No joke!

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