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Caribbean Creators Meet Up At Lavelle

August 11, 2017

Had a random idea to get together with some bloggers, youtubers etc of Caribbean descent. I feel like it’s always good to connect with like minded individuals from time to time and do a check in. It’s difficult for people who are not in this world to understand what creators like me deal with. I was craving convos with people who can relate. So I emailed a few dope peeps who are doing the damn thing  in the digital world and said “Let’s meet up!”

Thankfully the folks at Lavelle were open to making this happen and hosted us. We had some hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Romain Avril and champagne!

Then for the gift bags, Well Canada provided their refreshing new ink pressed lemonades with all natural ingredients. Tried these recently and loved them! I’m so grateful that Well Canada could provide some for my creator friends.


Spirulina, Charcoal and Cayenne Ink Lemonades

Also WOC Beauty gave each creator one of their deluxe beauty subscription boxes chock full of all sorts of melanin goodies. Including my favourite Mama’s Life all natural black soap. Sign up for your box today.


WOC Deluxe Beauty Subscription Box

So here’s who came out to my meet up:

Elaisha Jade – A Lifestyle & Travel Blogger…also an experienced Digital Strategist.

Desiree Thomas – Creative Director, Photographer, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger.

Azalea Hart – Content Creator, Host and Voice Over Talent. You’ve seen Azalea on my blog in the past. She was in the very first episode of my online talk show.

Shantel Rousseau – Style, Fashion and Travel Blogger.

Kayla Grey – TSN1050 Reporter/Anchor and Blogger. You last saw Kayla in my media sisterhood post.

Karlyn Percil – Success Coach, Author, Elephant Storyteller. Karlyn is one of my besties. You last saw her in this episode of NNEKA.

Robert Okine – Lifestyle Creative and Fitness Enthusiast (West Indian for the day 🙂 )

Kerry-Ann Wright – Creative Consultant, Voice Over Talent and Entertainment Specialist

Check out a few pictures below taken by Patryce Bowling.




Elaisha Jade & Desiree Thomas


L-R Azalea Hart, Desiree Thomas, Elaisha Jade and me!


Digging In!


With Shantel Rousseau


Kerry-Ann Wright and Robert Okine



Kayla Grey and Elaisha Jade



Azalea Hart Checking Out The View From Lavelle’s Rooftop


L-R Robert Okine, Kayla Grey, Karlyn Percil, Me, Azalea Hart, Kerry-Ann Wright


Creators Plus Intern Patryce Bowling

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