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Caribbean Themed BBQ

June 27, 2017
Caribbean BBQ

Before everyone gets busy for the long weekend, I thought I’d have a few friends over for a BBQ. I don’t live in a house, but our building has a barbecue pit. I tried my hand at a Caribbean themed BBQ. Here’s how it turned out. 

I started out with grandiose intentions of making a macaroni pie, grilling up some fish with a mango salsa and all sorts of other tasty things. But life got in the way and then before I knew it, I had one day to organize my Caribbean BBQ.

So new plan…I decided to get some food from a Caribbean restaurant near me called “Taste Seduction.” I got some: Rasta Pasta, A Tropical Garden Salad, Jerk Fish Wraps (my fave) and Jerk Chicken Wraps. I also picked up a few bottles of “Ting” there.

Then to supplement the food from “Taste Seduction” I put some veggie and chicken burgers on the grill. Then I made a signature drink: A lazy woman’s rum punch. Mount Gay XO (Barbados Rum) and tropical passion fruit juice. Picked up some cute knick-knacks and tableware from Michael’s. They actually had a plethora of tropical decor items. I just wish I knew an adult who could write on the food signage :[

Feel free to steal ideas for your next barbecue/party.


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