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My Fave Summer Nail Colours 2017

June 9, 2017
Summer nail colours 2017

When I worked at CP24 I hardly wore nail polish and if I did the colours were always muted. Since leaving I’ve started wearing nail polish again. A habit that is even easier to maintain since Holden Grace moved into my neighbourhood. I typically wear bio seaweed gel. I love the fact that they’re Big-5 free,vegan and cruelty free. However on my last visit to Holden Grace, Ibolya (nail technician) hooked me up with some hot new summer colours from Kester Black (also vegan & cruelty free.) Here are my favourites. Hope you like my picks!

“French Lavender” by Kester Black


French Lavender


“Coral” by Kester Black



“Greenery” by Kester Black



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