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My 2 Biggest Breakthroughs From My Trip To St.Vincent

January 16, 2017

Back in Toronto after a fabulous trip to St. Vincent & The Grenadines (SVG)!

Before leaving, I thought my trip to St.Vincent would be about having time to unwind and the opportunity to really think about my goals for 2017.

But that wasn’t really the case. I got two breakthroughs from my trip to SVG:

  1. A nod that I’m on the right track

The great thing about St.Vincent is that people never really cared that I worked on TV. They just treated  me normally. My people don’t get starstruck. They’ll tell you how they really feel, every time, all the time. 

But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that so many Vincentians have been following my journey and are excited by it. (shout out to people like Raedawn John, Alisa Alvis, Kate Punnett, Kristina Palmer & Karen Veira who told me things I really needed to hear)

The Caribbean is such a conservative region. A place where job security often trumps happiness. I didn’t think people would applaud me leaving a stable job! Getting the thumbs up was extremely gratifying. Not that I need validation to feel confident about my decision. It’s just that this journey can some times be isolating; unexpected boosts feel good. 

       2. Reconnecting with often neglected parts of me

I feel like through this process I’m constantly getting keys that can unlock forgotten parts of me. As I regain access, I add parts of the puzzle that will eventually lead to a more complete me. I go to St.Vincent all the time, but this trip was the first time I was fully aware or present. I had a very guttural or deep reaction to every person, place and thing from my past that I encountered on this trip. Who was I at that time? How have I grown? What traits did I shed, what traits I should bring back? Mistakes I’ve made, What were my childhood goals etc… So much stuff kept rising to the surface.

In the end I was able to figure out my success plan for 2017 as a byproduct of the two breakthroughs mentioned above. I’m so grateful for the experience.

The entire trip was wonderful but I had a particularly good time on New Years Eve at “FLOWT.” I wasn’t thinking about resolutions, I was just filled with an overwhelming feeling that I was exactly where I needed to be. Then again maybe it was the rum punch! 😉 Below are some pictures from that night. More videos and pictures from my trip to St. Vincent & The Grenadines coming later this week!

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