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My First LiveStream…if you can call it that!

December 4, 2016

Just wrapped up my first Livestream! It was plagued with technical issues. Completely my fault. I was trying to use an app that allowed me to stream on YouTube and Facebook Live using multiple camera angles and Β incorporating graphics. Β I promoted that it was going to be on my FB public page, then at the last minute switched to YouTube. But then alas, ended up broadcasting on Facebook Live without the multi-camera & graphics. My sincere apologies if you were looking forward to the livestream and missed it due to the changes.

A million thank yous to those of you who tuned in. I had to edit my content on the spot as I was relying on my graphics (which I didn’t have) so you didn’t actually get the real version of the broadcast. But thank you nonetheless.

Big thank you TONIC BLOOMS for providing my inaugural Livestream giveaway.




Congrats to Bee Quammie the winner of our Tonic Blooms giveaway.


If you’d like to see the scaled back version of the LiveStream, you can find it below.




Onward and upward…see you next Sunday 10:15a E.T at FB.com/Thennekaelliott.




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