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Are Birthdays Overrated?

November 9, 2016

I turned 33 on November 5th. I had a pretty chill birthday. I initially wanted to have a big bashment splashment. I was like “I’m a blogger now, I made this big life change…I’m living out loud now…I gotta have a big birthday dammit!!”

But with everything that’s now on my plate, the planning was becoming a bit much. This is is not my first entrepreneurial jaunt I learned a lot from my first go at it. The last time, there was a lot of self sabotage, many occasions where I set myself up for failure. Those times were often preceded by taking too much on at once. So a little reminder ping went off in my gut and I was like nope, push all that to the side. 

So I opted for a scaled down version and I’m so happy I did!!

My day started with brunch at my fave spot with my fave guy. My CP24 family knows that almost every weekend I craved a salmon eggs benny. Argggghh I want one even now as I type. The Old York bar and grill does a version with trout that gives me so much life! 

Then hubby and I watched Avatar at home. Followed by a late afternoon mani date with my girl Cory Lee.  I capped the day off with a good ole fashioned house party complete with a rousing game of Heads UpIt was just what my soul needed.  I wrapped up the weekend with a rejuvenating soak at Body Blitz thanks to my friend Karlyn Percil. 

Of course birthdays are a time for reflection. I always feel quite emotional actually, but not with sadness…with gratitude. When I think about the last year and I realize how lucky I am to have such an awesome life. What reflection also does is that it shows us how much can change in a short time. It also reminds us of our resilience and that it’s never too late to alter your path. 

Some people say birthdays are overrated. I can’t disagree more. It’s a time to celebrate…I mean when you think about the alternative how could you not?!! What do you want to do for your next birthday? Let me know in the comments below. I especially wanna hear from my fellow Scorpios. 

Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


Photography: Samantha Clarke


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  • Reply sam November 10, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Nneka! Could not relate more to this post. As a fellow Scorp, it’s safe to say we don’t mind the spotlight 😉 So why not shine on your birthday? I’ve always loved birthdays, but in recent years I’ve felt shamed or guilt over any grandiose celebrations. “It’s just another day”, “Don’t make it all about you” etc. are thoughts in my mind.

    It’s more than just getting the attention, though. You hit the nail on the head with sentiments on reflection and gratitude. You survived (and thrived) through yet another year! That’s worth celebrating. No shame in the birthday game!

    Love reading your blog, lady! And this post especially. Happy birthday again, Scorp!

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