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November 2016

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Are Birthdays Overrated?

November 9, 2016

I turned 33 on November 5th. I had a pretty chill birthday. I initially wanted to have a big bashment splashment. I was like “I’m a blogger now, I made this big life change…I’m living out loud now…I gotta have a big birthday dammit!!” Continue Reading…


Big Questions About Nneka Elliott Answered

November 4, 2016



Filming my first Q&A video was quite the process. First of all it’s the first video I filmed alone.  Yes I film my Nneka Learns videos but at least I have a subject to help with focus and framing. I didn’t have that luxury and unfortunately Remy my dog isn’t tall enough to be my stand in. Once she reads this I know my neighbour Cory Lee is gonna be like “Bish why didn’t you just call me?!” I just wanted to try it. Plus I was afraid I wouldn’t be as revealing if someone else was present. Continue Reading…