My Fave Women’s Events This Summer

July 28, 2016
Nneka Elliott

Had the chance to go to some female focused events this summer. I always leave motivated, energized and ready to take on the world. I firmly believe life is about momentum and a great way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with inspiring people.

So when I saw the line up for WIPP (Women Inspiring Purpose & Passion) I knew I wanted to be there. My girl Chloe Wilde held it down as the moderator. The other panelists where Mishael Morgan from The Young and the Restless actress, Lola of ILUVLOLA, celebrity nail artist, Rita Remark, creator of Hour Glass Fitness workout Lyzabeth Lopez, Fashion Magazine’s executive editor,Randi Bergman and pop artist Maria Qamar aka HateCopy.

The event, founded by Much Digital Creator Bianca Harris, had some many gems of wisdom. Sometimes you just want to know that other women in the industry understand your struggles, have faced similar challenges and survived. These ladies are more than surviving they are thriving and it was incredibly reassuring. I particularly enjoyed listening to Lyzabeth. As the say in the Caribbean “my spirit just tek to her!”  Look her up if you don’t know her.

Then later on this summer I supported my friend Emily Mills at her usual “How she hustles” event. There are very few black women in the city who I’ve come across who don’t have an Emily Mills story. Whether she helped them get a job, connected them to an important person or even nominated them for a major award (like she did for me!) So when Emily has an event… you go. What’s more is that I always get to catch up with good friends and my soul gets nourished. You know those kind of meet ups right?

Don’t mind the hair, I tried a twist out which was more like a flop out. I’ll share more of my hair journey in subsequent posts.

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