Oooo New Headshots!

June 28, 2016

My current headshot is almost 3 years old. I did them with a photographer I work with a lot Jessica B. Smith. I remember I took them the week of my 30th birthday. As I type I’m asking my husband why do I have no recollection of being 31, I feel like I lost a year.  Anywayyyy I also recall I tried contouring and put fake lashes on myself for the first time for the shoot! Probably wasn’t the best idea considering the lashes were falling off, but fake it til you make it right. So all that to say I need some new ones. I don’t want to be one of those people still using a headshot that’s 10 years old, amiright amiright?!!


This time around I worked with photographer Jodianne Beckford at one of my favourtite places in the city…Distillery district. Whaddya think?

IMG_3907-Edit IMG_3959-Edit IMG_3992 IMG_4000 IMG_4060-Edit

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