High Park with Zahra Siddiqui

April 12, 2016
Nneka Elliott

Instead of just hopping in the shower in the mornings, I often procrastinate by sitting on the side of the tub scrolling through instagram.

Recently in my ‘explore’ section I’ve been seeing these awesome raw street shots from this photographer named Zahra Siddiqui. Beautiful pictures of people just chilling on an apartment stoop in Brooklyn or strolling through graffiti alley on Queen West. You know that kinda stuff. And I’m always like “stewps I could never look that cool.” But deep down I’ve always wanted to do some street shots.

Zahra recently did a shoot sale and I had to jump on the opportunity. We ended up doing some ‘park’ shots instead. Mind you after each picture I mumbled “oh geez I feel so awkward”  but some how she was still able to make me look good.

I really enjoyed our shoot. I encourage you to check out Zahra’s page she’s got some really ground breaking projects on the go. Below are my faves from our shoot.

hp1 hp7 hp10 hp11 hp17 hp18



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  • Reply Azetta Young November 10, 2016 at 2:27 am

    What amazing photos!! Good job… you got the ‘cool looking’ part down 😉

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